I is a publication of textual and visual works by Andrés Felipe Torres, Alex Walton, Avi Alpert & Sreshta Rit Premnath, Carlos Labbe, Gavan Blau, Heather M. O'Brien & Andrew Freeman, Hernan Rivera, Isaac Pool, Ilyn Wong, Jessica Posner, Joen Vedel, Kaitlynn Redell & Sara Jimenez, Arrow MacGowan, Ben Nienass, Lindsey Freeman, Rachel Daniell, Maricruz Alarcón, Margarita Sanchez, Matthew C. Wilson, Thom Donovan, and Vicent Vulsma. It was designed by Otra Sinceridad. 

The contributors were asked to share a visual or textual work made from the perspective of the first-person, thus creating a space for dialogue about the politics of collective pronouns and of generational solidarity. 

The publication as a platform is a on-going collaboration between Maricruz Alarcón and Ilyn Wong. 

PDF of I